Tomatoes and their effect on our health

Now in the summer is again tomato time. I myself have been growing my own tomatoes for years, but you can also find a variety of varieties on our markets. In addition to the diverse applications in the kitchen, tomatoes have a health-promoting effect, which should not be underestimated.

Healing power of the tomato
Tomatoes contain a variety of nutrients that our bodies need. They have a large number of antioxidants, vitamins A and C and folic acid.

1. Free radicals: The antioxidants in tomatoes reduce the expansion of free radicals. This is important in the prevention of cancer and in the protection against aging.
2. Lycopene: First and foremost, tomatoes have the largest share of lycopene. These also help in the fight against cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
3. Pregnancy: We all eat too little folic acid. This can lead to malformations of the baby during pregnancy. Tomatoes contain folic acid and thus protect the baby’s health.
4. Skin: Vitamin C and antioxidants are essential for our skin. They are a big part of it. So you can sun, smoke, wrinkles u.d.g. protect.
5. Tomatoes are a natural sunscreen. The lycopene contained therein protects against skin aging, wrinkles and sunburn. In the summer months you should drink a glass of tomato juice again and again.

By the way: The more concentrated the form in which you take it, the stronger the effect.

Lycopene in mg / 100g:
Concentrated tomato paste: 40 to 60 mg
Tomato paste: 30 mg
Ketchup: 17 mg
Tomato sauce: 16 mg
Canned tomatoes: 10 mg
Tomato juice: 9 mg
Fresh tomatoes: 4-5 mg

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