Thyme ointment – good for colds and joint problems

Thyme ointment – good for colds and joint problems

Thyme is my favorite sun child, whose healing effect works until the winter. He is great in the herb pot pull and enjoys us as a kitchen even under the year. But did you know that you can also make a thyme ointment? This helps well against cold and joint complaints.

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I always have thyme at home. You get it all year round as a fresh organic herb in organic quality. If you plant it in the garden, you should buy real thyme (thymus vulgaris). He grows up to 40 cm tall and is a robust, strongly rooted subshrub. Originally from Spain, he has spread very well in Central and Western Europe.

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Scientifically proven, it is antiviral and antibacterial. Therefore, it is well suited against mucus of the respiratory system, lung mucus, cough, whooping cough, bronchial catarrh and others. Particularly popular with children is the thyme syrup, which tastes very good and is more popular than conventional cough syrup. In the video “Thyme Syrup made yourself” you will find a guide. To relieve cold symptoms you can also make yourself a cold balm. The recipe is based on a herbal mixture of thyme, eucalyptus and pine oil. In addition, it works well against inflammation of the oral and pharyngeal mucous membranes. Achievements made synonymous with joint complaints.


Thyme ointment – good for colds and joint complaints
Therefore it is always good to have a thyme ointment and a thyme oil at home. As a basis for the production of a thyme ointment you need a good thyme oil. How you make the herbal oil extract yourself, you can the contribution

Make herbal extract yourself

remove. It is worth to make a thyme oil, because you can not use it only for the production of healing ointments. It is also a great oil for marinating salads, mushrooms and grilled meats. If you have the time or desire to make the thyminal oil yourself, then please buy a high-quality organic oil.

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In case of bronchitis and severe cough, you can perform a thyme oil chest wrap. For this you dissolve in a ratio of 1:10 ethereal thyme oil with olive or distich oil and heated it in a water bath to body temperature. Apply to an old towel and put on a chest wrap. To make the thyme ointment you need the following in addition to the oil:

• 30 ml of thyme oil
• 3 grams of beeswax

The recipe is a vegetarian version of the thyme ointment. Use the thyme oil described above and heat in a water bath. Dissolve the beeswax in it. If everything is liquid, then you can fill the oil in an ointment container. Both recipes last about 6 months. If you want a longer shelf life, then you should add 2-3 drops of vitamin E to it.

For cold problems simply lubricate on the chest and bronchial area. In case of joint problems rub the affected area with it.

Here on the herb witch, I have often talked about the treatment options of bronchitis. A good overview of this can be found in the article “Overview of medicinal herbs for respiratory diseases”.

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