The strawberry is a fruit of love

In my contribution today I would like to dedicate myself to the strawberry. In addition to the numerous applications in the culinary arts, it also has excellent healing properties. In addition, there are also some delicious recipes that I would like to introduce you.

Strawberry – fruit of love

Basically, the strawberry is distinguished from the wild strawberry. It has been referred to in ancient herbal books as a fruit of love and anyone who has bitten once, knows why. For healing purposes, you can only use the forest strawberry. It blooms from April to June and depending on the location you can harvest the fruits from May / June until autumn.
In folk medicine, the plant was consumed as tea more often. This has a diuretic and astringent. According to Willfort, there are also traditions in which the plant is used for intestinal diseases, gout and nerve inflammation. In addition, it has a positive effect on the stool, purifies the blood and strengthens. Attention, if there is an allergy you have to do without the use of wild strawberry as a remedy. [1, p.126]

Garden Strawberry – Gardening or Urbangardening

The garden strawberry also grows in my garden and is very easy to grow as it is not very demanding. It is one of the first fruits that can be harvested in spring. If you feel like it, you can also pull the strawberry on the balcony or the terrace. It needs to be watered regularly and prefers a sunny spot with a humus rich soil. Strawberries are perennial plants, which are counted among the perennial plants. Both flowers and fruits form on long herbaceous stems near the ground. Strawberries are perennial, so I love them so much. It is a great pleasure to bring fruits for the first time in spring. There are numerous varieties, all of which are delicious. From July usually gets young plants.

Strawberry ice cream

There are really many recipes here. Mine is relatively creamy, but with less sugar.

Pureed 300 g strawberries and
250 ml of cream as well
2 tablespoons of sugar (you’ll have to taste the bulk to avoid the ice from getting too sweet or too bitter.) By processing my own garden strawberries, they already had a sweetie and I did not need more sugar.)
Puree strawberries with the blender. Whip the cream. Then mix strawberry puree, stiff cream and the sugar in a saucepan. Put it in the ice cream machine. I had my ice cream inside for 10 minutes.


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