The healing power of mint

From our kitchen, it is hard to imagine the mint. There are countless species and they can be used to spice up food or to refine long drinks. Often it is forgotten that she has great healing effects. In my contribution today I have put together something about the healing properties of mint, also you will find a delicious mint lemon balm syrup recipe.

The mint – an all-rounder
Originally the peppermint came from the far east to us. Since the 17th century, it has been used in a wide variety of diseases. The mint species belong to the mint family. Ackerminze is common almost throughout Europe. The ‘real peppermint’, however, grows exclusively in cultures. From other mints, the peppermint differs in particular by their high menthol content and the taste reminiscent of pepper. Healing in the plant leaves, from which the mint oil is obtained. The pure mint oil differs significantly from the essential mint oil in its healing effect.


Used externally, pure mint oil relieves local pain, such as headache and neuralgic pain. Achieves success in colds by inhaling with the essential peppermint oil through. People who often suffer from headaches should rub their temples with peppermint oil or mint oil.
Even with muscle pain or heavy legs by standing too long or sports the freshness of the mint acts by rubbing, for example with a rapeseed oil-peppermint oil mixture. This is refreshing, cooling and soothing.
Internally, it also has an analgesic and antispasmodic effect. In addition, the mint oil with its by-products triggers a bile-promoting effect, brings gallstone colic or caused by bile galling pain to subside and intestinal spasms and intestinal inflammation. The field mint is used for this.

Traditional Medicine

In the folk medicine one finds in addition a tea against high blood pressure and against irregular heart activity: 100 g peppermint leaves, 100 g chamomile, 50 g yarrow, 50 g anise seeds, 50 g fennel and 50 g caraway. Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture for 1 cup in the infusion and drink 2 to 3 cups a day at the same time.

Mint is of course as an oil in a variety of homemade products from my blog inside. So you can find them, for example, in a homemade mouthwash, as an aid against pregnancy sickness.

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