Marshmallow syrup – a good ally in the cough time

Especially in the time when one in two coughs, one is grateful to have Mother Nature’s help to reduce the cough as well. A good ally in the cough time is Marshmallow. Folk marshmallow is used mainly for diseases of the respiratory system and the gastrointestinal tract because of the contained mucilage, which soothes irritation on all mucous membranes. For mucous respiratory tracts, an expectorant should be used because marshmallow has no expectorant effect and should be used better for dry cough. It has a soothing, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, softening, immunostimulating, soothing, toning, warming and inhibiting the activity of ciliary hair in the bronchi.

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Marshmallow syrup making it yourself
Making herbal syrups yourself is a sensible alternative to commercial products, because you can make them when you need them. The basic ingredients are always the medicinal herb, sugar and water. Basically, the more sugar in the syrup, the longer it will last. You can use sugar for everyone, preferably the one you have at home.

35 gr dried marshmallow root
ΒΌ liter of water
250 grams of sugar
A storage container

For this you put the marshmallow root in the water overnight. The next day you are rooting. Cook the water with the sugar until the mixture is viscous (about 7 minutes). Hot fill into the container. The marshmallow syrup lasts for 16 weeks. The marshmallow root can be obtained from the pharmacy or online, see link below the blog.

Adult 3x daily 1 tbsp, children over 10 years 3x daily a tsp. (For smaller children, consult with the pediatrician.)

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