Does my immune system work? Which herbs help?

Does my immune system work? Which herbs help?

The weather is wet and cold, you have stress at work and you feel sickly. Our immune system has the task of protecting our body from pathogens. In this article, I am concerned with the question of how does my immune system and with which medicinal herbs, can I ward off attacks on my immune system?


How does my immune system work?
Most infectious agents can not get through to us. Reason for this is our body surface, such. B. Skin that protects us from it. Therefore, these infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi etc) can be well repelled. Our immune system consists of cells that have the task of communicating with each other in order to counteract the hostile infectious agents. If the function of our immune system is disturbed, then our body is no longer properly protected, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

Disorders of the immune system
If the immune system is disturbed, it comes to a frequent susceptibility to infection. Nevertheless, it is not always just about diseases of the body. Sleep deprivation, stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies often cause these symptoms. In severe diseases, such as AIDS, cancer or diabetes, it also leads to a weaker immune system.
In addition, it is more common for people to get allergies. This can be done directly when you come in contact with a substance that you are allergic to. In autoimmune diseases, however, the immune system attacks the body’s own cells and destroys them.

Which medicinal herbs help with complaints of the immune system?
With increased susceptibility to infection
Herbs such as the coneflower, the Cape Perlagonie and the Cat’s Claw help. The cat’s claw is currently available only in Austria, beyond also achieved relief in autoimmune diseases. All of these herbs have immune stimulating healing powers.
In allergies, the purple sunhat is said to have supportive effects.
Immunodeficiency due to severe illness
In the meantime, it has been scientifically proven that mistletoe preparations support severe illnesses. They are used in the treatment of cancer and severe joint disease. For this you have to clarify the details with your doctor.

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