Stomachache and feeling of fullness

During some days you like to eat well and often too much. This often leads to stomach ache and feeling of fullness. So it’s time to do something good for your stomach and do a little shorter.

Sometimes the appetite is so great that you stuff everything in yourself, which only exists. From my own experience, I know that very well. 😉 Especially now, around the holidays, we tend to eat a lot. How do you feel about it, most of us know! But there are a few tips and tricks on what to do about it!

Here on the herbal witch I have already put together several articles on the subject stomach / intestine. A good overview can be found below


The gut, the mirror of your soul

In case of acute help following tips

What to do if you have a stomachache and a feeling of fullness?

Carrot juice: Drink fresh carrot juice, about 100 ml of it should be enough. Can also be taken preventively.
Chew a raw slice of potato well and then swallow it. Potato binds the excess stomach acid and thus helps restore a well-being.
Avoid carbonic acid, it only inflates the stomach.
The following teas help: chamomile, peppermint, anise, yarrow, lemon balm, fennel, blackberry, ginger and marshmallow leaves. Several cups of it work wonders.
Cumin tea helps in the digestion of greasy, sour and flatulent food. Both for prevention and for relief.
Warmth also does the stomach good. Place a hot water bottle or a warm cherry stone pillow on the stomach and wait.
Ginger is an absolute all-rounder in terms of digestion and fullness. In addition, ginger helps with nausea. Just douse a few slices of ginger with hot water, infuse and drink (hot or cold).

Personally, I always recommend a self-made bitters or herbal schnapps.