Benefits of Sunlight

As the sun warms our world, it provides great benefits to human beings. Sunlight spreads everywhere, but it is difficult to take advantage of it unless it touches human skin. To take advantage of the sunlight, you need to go out and stand in the sun. It is not right to do this for a long time while doing so. Psychology also relaxes the sunlight. In a bright beautiful weather, the energy of the person is higher than the indoor weather. Other benefits include;

1. Sunlight helps meet vitamin D requirement. Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for human beings and the only source is sun. Vitamin D begins to be secreted by the contact of sunlight with human skin. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause problems in the immune system and slow down metabolism.

2. Makes muscle and bone system healthier. It prevents the formation of bone loss or other bone diseases.

3. Sunlight contains melatonin. In this way, it is good for insomnia and helps to sleep comfortably.

4. Sun rays help provide a portion of the calcium need in the body.

5. Sunlight reduces rheumatism, muscle and joint pain.

6. Accelerates metabolism and provides resistance to the body.

Sunlight is also very useful for children and babies. Children should also be exposed to sunlight in order to maintain healthy growth of the skeletal and muscular systems and to meet vitamin D. however, care must be taken especially in infants. Before putting babies in the sun, it is necessary to wear a sun hat to protect their eyes and head. Babies should not be kept in the sun during sunlight hours. In windless weather, the baby should be kept in the sun. And on the first day, babies can benefit from sunlight by not more than half an hour, increasing by 2 minutes and then 2 minutes. Prolongation of children in the sun for long periods may cause sunstroke, so be careful.

We should be exposed to the sun for 15-20 minutes a day to benefit from the sun’s rays. Those with white skin should be careful while waiting in the sun. Because light skin is more sensitive. It is wrong to wait in the sun for long periods to tan. Sun protection milks or sun protection creams should be used for long periods of time in the sun.

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